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One of the best things about teaching someone about a particular topic you are familiar with, or how to perform the  job duties to a new employee you are training, is that teaching also serves as a reminder to some skills that we may have not utilized in awhile and subsequently those skills have become rusty or have stopped being utilized all together.  Teaching and sharing our knowledge with others in turns educates the one we are working with as well as refreshing our own knowledge of the subject at hand.

As new parents, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with the daunting tasks required to raise a newborn having had limited or no experience in the past. Naturally, family will come to your aid from time to time with their parenting tips and advice from all angles. Some wanted, some not so much. Then there are always the perfectly random strangers who inevitably offer up their unsolicited  advice and what you need to do.

Here we provide a link to some easy to reference photos for tips on things to do and not do.  No lectures, no pushiness just a nice friendly reminder.  (albeit a humorous and not to be taken seriously look at the topic.)

We hope you clink the link below, enjoy the humor and get a good laugh out of these. I know we did!


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On January 31, 2014
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