Becoming a Surrogate

A moment in my tummy… a lifetime in my heart.

Not only is becoming a surrogate mother an amazing opportunity and the most selfless gift one can give to another, it is also an honor and a serious responsibility. We expect our surrogate mothers to be mature adults with stable home lives. Applicants interested in becoming a surrogate,  need their immediate household members to be supportive of the process. This can include your spouse being willing to submit to any medical tests and/or signing of required legal forms when applicable.
Becoming a surrogate mother requires an inordinate amount of time, energy, physical and emotional commitment as well. As with any pregnancy, there are risk factors to consider. Being aware of these risks and being willing to accept them as you would when carrying a child of your own, should be accepted when becoming a surrogate. We consult with every applicant interested in becoming a surrogate, as well as our current surrogates, answering any questions or concerns they have, and ensure that they are well informed of all possible scenarios before moving forward. Our surrogates and applicants interested in becoming a surrogate, are encouraged to ask questions and bring up any concerns they may have with any of our staff at anytime. We are here for you not only in the very beginnings of the process, but throughout your entire pregnancy. From the transfer to the delivery and long after, the staff at A Host of Possibilities are here to support and assist you.

Requirements for being a Surrogate

  • Be a female of 21-44 years of age
  • Have delivered one or more children that you are currently raising
  • Willing to abstain from alcohol during pregnancy
  • Be a non-smoker, living in a non-smoking home
  • Be a non-drug user
  • Have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Own a vehicle, for transportation to and from appointments
  • Not currently be receiving federal/state financial assistance
  • Have no history of arrests or substance abuse
  • Undergo medical examination (STDs, drug test, Hepatitis test, pelvic exam, etc)


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