Helping to Make Dreams Come True…

We know that choosing to be a surrogate is never just about the financial compensation.

Surrogacy is not merely an amazing reward and selfless act of giving; it is an incredible opportunity for both you and your family!

From paying off personal debt to starting a college fund for their own children, women who choose to be a surrogate with A Host of Possibilities have used their compensation for numerous ventures that help improve their families’ quality of life. Some have used the funds they received to move their family out of a rental and into their first home. Others have used it to help them attain their degree without needing to take out student loans or to pay off student loans already accrued in their past.

There is no end to the opportunities afforded to you and your family, with the compensation you receive, for helping others who have run out of options. In fact, the owners of A Host of Possibilities used funds received through surrogacy, to help start their own company so that they can continue to help others for many years to come.

A Host of possibilities does not believe that every surrogacy match is the same. Therefore, gestational carrier based fees (the amount of money a woman is paid to be a gestational carrier for intending parents) can vary. We understand that some surrogates will need to be reimbursed for certain expenses that arise where others will not. Accordingly, we will review your requested base fee and expenses with you to be sure that they are reasonable and fair to both you and the intended parents.

Generally, fees fall within the ranges set below. If you are an experienced surrogate, someone who has successfully been a surrogate in the past, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your requested fee and expenses.


Guaranteed Surrogate Fees and Expenses Amount
First-time Surrogate Fee

($1,000 transfer fee and maternity clothing allowance, included in compensation with successful transfer. If additional transfers are needed, $1,000 fee is paid each transfer.)

Experienced Surrogate Fee

($1,000 transfer fee and maternity clothing allowance included in compensation with successful transfer. If additional transfers are needed, $1,000 fee is paid each transfer.)

1 Year Term Life Insurance Policy $250-$350


Possible Surrogate Fees and Expenses Amount
Multiples $5,000 per baby
Housekeeping for Bed Rest $50 per week
Loss of Uterus $2,500
Hysterectomy $5,000
C-Section $2,500
Invasive Procedures (Amino, CVS, D&C, etc.) $500
Termination or Selective Reduction $750
Lost Wages and/or Childcare for Medical Appointments Varies
Lost Wages and/or Childcare for Bed Rest (pre-birth & post-birth) Varies


Travel Expenses:
If you agree to travel for your surrogacy, you will be reimbursed for:

  • Hotel for the screening appointment and embryo transfer;
  • Parking at your local airport;
  • $75.00 per day meal allowance, including travel days; and
  • Airfare for you and a companion to screening appointment and embryo transfer.


These funds are for you to do with as you see fit for you and your family. You are not required nor expected to use any of these funds for costs associated with the surrogacy process. Costs accrued from the surrogacy (i.e. medical bills, co-pays, legal and/or counseling fees as well as other associated costs,) are absorbed by the intending parents.

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