Surrogate Testimonials

When I came to A Host of Possibilities, I had already been a surrogate with another agency, two times before, but I had never had the support and care that I was about to receive!

The support I have gotten since joining this agency is far more than I ever thought imaginable!

This is more than an agency to me, this is my family and I couldn’t imagine how my last journey as a surrogate would have been without them.


I am a surrogate with A Host of Possibilities and from the first time I talked with Nicole, she has been very helpful and quick to respond to any question.

She ensures the surrogates are informed about the surrogacy process and they hold monthly get togethers and activities, not only for the surrogates, but their families as well.


Working with A Host of Possibilities has been more than wonderful. This is my first journey and it has been nothing but amazing since switching to Nicole’s agency.

I was fortunate enough to find Nicole in the middle of my first journey. I was with a different agency in the beginning, not knowing that there were other agencies in Idaho. The word nightmare doesn’t even begin to describe what my intended parents and I went through with the previous agency.

Nicole has taken care of me and made me feel comfortable. I had no idea what to expect with the surrogacy process and my nerves were calmed almost immediately.

Nicole and Don are more than just agents, they really are friends. You won’t find anyone who cares more and wants to help make the journey more than perfect!


When I started thinking about being a surrogate I contacted Nicole with A Host of Possibilities. I wasn’t sure what to expect but by the time she had gone over the process I felt very comfortable and confident that this was the right agency to work with.

Nicole has always been available when I had questions and has been extremely helpful through every stage of this journey. I can’t imagine trying to do this without her. I highly recommend talking to Nicole if you’re interested in being a surrogate.


Nicole is well experienced in surrogacy. She is knowledgeable, timely, personable, and has a great program in place. She wants what’s best for the intended parents and the surrogates, to have a rewarding experience for both parties.


When I found A Host of Possibilities, I was with another agency, just beginning surrogacy start-up. After a few months of not moving anywhere with the previous company, I decided to make the switch, and it has been the best move I have ever made!

Not only is Nicole experienced, well educated and professional, she is like a best friend who is there for you no matter what, going above and beyond to make everything move smoothly.

Being with A Host of Possibilities, I have had more support than I could have ever imagined and it just feels like home.
I will forever be grateful and proud to be with Host of Possibilities.


I have thought about being a surrogate for several years. When I finally started my search for an agency, A Host of Possibilities stuck out to me, far beyond any of the other companies.

I looked into about 4 different agencies and Nicole was the first, (and only,) to call me and tell me everything I needed to know about being a surrogate. She made me feel extremely welcome into her agency.

But the nice thing is that it isn’t just an agency, it’s a family that you become a part of. You can go to monthly meetings and get to know the other woman who are on similar journeys. It is so neat to be a part of such a special community, I have never felt more welcome somewhere.
I am really happy with my choice!

Nicole and Mattie have definitely made this all, a lot less stressful than I had imagined.


A Host of Possibilities, LLC BBB Business Review