What Sets Us Apart

 What sets A Host of Possibilities Agency apart from other agencies


    • We conduct phone and/or at home interviews before accepting any gestational carriers into program.

    • Review gestational carriers’ medical records from previous pregnancies to make sure all previous pregnancies were healthy.

    • Provide monthly support groups for gestational carriers.

    • Provide support meetings for surrogate’s spouse or partner.
    • Provide gestational carriers with healthy dietary information before, during and after pregnancy.

    • 24/7 support provided for gestational carriers and intended parents by phone, online or in-person. (This is critical when approaching delivery date as well as post-delivery. This is a time when everyone’s stress level is high and has a lot on their mind preparing for the big moment. When questions or concerns arise during this time frame, it is imperative that you get immediate assistance when you need it so you can focus your attention where it needs to be!)

    • Host frequent outings and events throughout the year for surrogates and their families as well as staff and intending parents (when applicable) to further strengthen the bond  and sense of trust within A Host of Possibilities’ family.
    • Locate, identify, and recommend gestational carriers and final arrangements based on compatibility.

    • Facilitate introductions and/or communications between intended parents and gestational carriers.

    • Educate and support the intended parents and gestational carrier throughout their journey.

    • Arrange for psychological screening, testing, and evaluation of gestational carrier and intended parents.

    • Locate and arrange appointment with an attorney who specializes in reproductive family law and who is experienced with gestational carrier arrangements.

    • Assist in obtaining life insurance for gestational carriers.

    • Assist in obtaining supplemental insurance for gestational carriers.

    • Assist in preparing intended parents and gestational carrier for IVF.

    • Monitor, process, and authorize reimbursement to gestational carrier of expenses.

    • Organize travel and accommodation needs of gestational carrier and intended parents.

    • Join gestational carrier at medical appointments if requested.

    • Join gestational carrier at delivery if intended parents are unavailable and/or requested.

    • Join gestational carrier at hospital post delivery to provide support.

    • Contact attorney post delivery, to inform them of the birth and arrange appointment post delivery for signatures of legal forms from all parties.

    • Help facilitate collecting gestational carrier’s breast milk and forwarding it to intended parents.





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