Benefits of MakingYour Own Baby Food

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There are many advantages to making baby food yourself. For most parents, it’s about their concern for what is in their child’s food. Jarred foods purchased at the store are convenient, but are not always organic and economical. When making your own baby food at home:

• You know exactly what you’re feeding baby.
• You’re able to choose fruits and vegetables that may not be prepackaged.
• The nutrients in homemade foods are not killed by the high temperatures that jarred foods have to endure in order to remain on shelves longer.
• Can potentially save you money.
• It’s a gateway to introducing baby to healthy choices from the start.

As more and more households see both parents working full time, this can leave little room for family time. In these situations, a lot of parents feel that taking the time to prepare, cook and store their own baby food, can take away from the limited time they already have to spend with their children. Then there is the issue of having enough room in your fridge/freezer, to store the food that you make. One can make larger batches of baby food, thus freeing up more time to spend with the family, however this requires extra storage space to keep the food. And it is hard to deny the convenience of store bought baby food, when you didn’t have time to prep and cook your own one week, or when your schedule gets busy.

Fortunately, many companies have become more and more mindful of parents’ desires for feeding their children healthier options, as well as food allergies, additives that some can develop intolerances to and their own environmental impact.
If you are one who desires to feed your child healthier options, yet struggles to find the time to make your own baby food at home, there are several organic baby foods to choose from. Some great options are Earth’s Best, Plum Organics and Peter Rabbit Organics. Even Gerber has started to produce a new line of non-GMO organic products for parents to choose from.

Whether homemade baby food or choosing healthier pre-made options is right for you, it always comes down to what works best for you and your family. If you are considering making your own food but need to learn more, there are a lot of websites like Environmental Working Group, ( a website focused on clean foods,) as well as social media groups you can utilize, to help research the best options for you and tips for helping you include it in your normal routine without having to sacrifice important time with your family!

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On July 14, 2017

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