Dear Intending Parents

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The following is a letter I wrote for intending parents to look at when they were viewing my profile. -Nicole

Dear IP’s,

I was born in Boise, Idaho. At the age of 13 my mother transferred to Corvallis, OR for work. I finished out high school and continued on to community college. After working to get my associate’s degree I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I took a break from school.

On my 22nd birthday I met the man of my dreams!! My friends and I were out having fun and next thing you know I was introduced to my future soul mate!! It sounds really cheesy but it is true. We were married in less than a year and on our way to making a family.

My son was born on July 15, 2003 and I finally understood the feeling of unconditional love! “He was the most the amazing gift and joy in my world!!” Unfortunately, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and our lives were about to change dramatically. My mother moved in with my husband and I one month after having our son, Aidan. We took care of my mother for almost a year until she passed away. Although this was the hardest time of my life, my husband and I grew stronger and together we found the true meaning of new life coming in and old life going out.

After things settled down I went back to school and began my next journey. I was determined to complete my Master’s degree. During this time we decided to have our second child, Adelleine. I remember typing papers and holding her in my other arm, needless to say I could hunt and peck like no other!! In 2010, I completed my Master’s in Business Specializing in Healthcare.

Last year my husband and I decided to begin the next journey. We decided it would be a great experience to be a surrogate for a couple in Washington. It was an amazing and fun experience for the whole family!! My kids loved painting my big belly and feeling for the baby to kick. I just loved being pregnant and feeling so healthy. When delivery time came it was awesome having the parents there and seeing them cry the first time they kissed and cuddled their baby boy, Owen. I felt an abundance of happiness knowing I had helped them complete their family!!

About two weeks after having baby Owen I flew out to Boise and interviewed at St. Luke’s Hospital. Not one month later, my family and I moved all of our stuff and came to make a new life in Boise. Of course, my family lives here so we were able to join them once again.

Being a surrogate is an incredibly rewarding and joyful experience! My family and I are excited to experience this journey again and would be honored to go through the journey with you!!!


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On June 24, 2013

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