Jack’s Arrival

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Well, we are home and into our 2nd week of life with baby Jack!  We wanted to get an update out to you all much sooner than this, but have been blissfully “being in each and every moment” of this once and a lifetime experience….so we have disconnected this last week and a half to be fully be present with our “Present”.

I am attaching a quick video on Jack’s arrival.. and for those of you that want to keep reading, will try to give the “nutshell” version of our wonderful Boise experience.  The first line of this update is:  THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST 14 DAYS OF OUR ENTIRE LIFE.  We made the drive out to Boise 2 Saturdays ago to pick our little guy up.  On Sunday morning, our Mom’s flew into Boise and that afternoon we had the most special dinner with our Surrogate Nicole, her husband and kids.  Her husband Don is a gourmet Chef and cooked an incredible meal for us all (because that’s what we all do the night before our wife gives birth – wink!)  So special to be able to see Jack in Nicole’s stomach, feel him move and just be with this incredible family who has taken such amazing care of him this past 9 months.

The next morning, Nicole was induced at 8:00 am, but Jack wanted to make an entrance, so he kept us waiting until late afternoon (in my mind I kept imaging him to say – you’ve waited 10 years….what’s another 8 hours!)  Once the doctor said, “Ok, let’s meet your baby”, it was 12 minutes and 2 pushes and our life forever changed.  HE WAS PERFECT.  They barley dried him off and told me to take off my shirt for the first “skin on skin” of his life.  As soon as they put his little body onto mine….I ranked that moment as the all time best moments in my life….there really are no words.  Then John got to do the same thing, and watching your best friend/husband connect with your baby for the first time…wow.

We only had to stay in the hospital one night (thank goodness), so we took the little peanut back to the hotel with our Moms for a memorable “first night” in the world.  We made the long drive back to Seattle last Friday and have been in the most joyously happy “bubble” since….we’ve been spending so much time in bed just cuddling him and counting our blessings that’s he’s finally here.

Anyway, we just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you all – we felt your love and energy not only a few states away in Boise, but this entire last decade of a journey…..all we can say – HE WAS WORTH THE WAIT!!!  We love you all so much, more than you will ever know…lucky Jack to have you all in his life! Can’t wait for you all to meet him!

Kerry Smyth, Washington

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On May 5, 2013

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