Men Experience the Pain of Childbirth!

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“According to women, child birth is the worst kind of pain there is.
And according to women, men can’t handle it.
Well did you know, according to men, women exaggerate everything?”

This is the opening statement from two men who recently met up with a Dr. to undergo a one hour test to simulate what all women go through for hours when delivering a child. These men were laid down on a doctor’s table, had the contraction monitor hooked up to them, just like women who are in labor, then a series of electrodes that stimulated the muscles in the abdomen to simulate actual birthing contractions, with the intensity, frequency and severity increasing over one hour!

What ensues is interesting, enlightening, educational and down right hilarious! Thank you to Kensingotnchurch for the original post!

Follow the link below to watch the fun! If you have trouble with the link, copy and paste the address into a new tab/window.

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On December 19, 2013

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