When Personal Surrogacy Experience Meets Business Acumen, Great Things Happen!

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When intending parents start out on their journey, to seek the help of a surrogate to help them birth their child, the landscape can be very overwhelming.

“Do we go with an agency to help us or do it on our own?”  “If we go with an agency, do we spend a lot more money to go with a “big” agency or save money to go with a smaller, “homegrown” one?”  “If we go with a smaller one, are we taking any unnecessary risks that we may regret?”

All of these questions can be overwhelming and make the process seem so far out of reach, and that is just the start of the journey.

One of the primary reasons we started our own agency was that Nicole & I had very special surrogacy journey’s with all three sets of intending parents Nicole carried for.  In our experience, Nicole was well on her way to carrying a child for her IP’s, and each agency had essentially stepped out of the way, shortly after matching her with her intending parents, and left all of us on our own to figure each step out along the way. As a result, we went out of our way to make the experience as joyous  for our intending parents as it was for Nicole & I, when she carried our own children.  Informing her IP’s of what to expect next, what needed to be taken care of and when and taking photos and videos all along the way, for them to have and cherish, when they couldn’t make it to an appointment. Her previous experiences carrying had proven invaluable to each set of parents she carried for.

Recently, a new pair of intending parents found us and after speaking to Nicole on the phone for over an hour, they decided our agency was the perfect fit for them, to help them find the perfect surrogate, who was going to help them have their child.  They were so grateful to have their stress lifted,  and to know that there was someone else that would be there, to hold their hand and walk them through the entire process.  To show their appreciation and how grateful they were, they sent us this letter, so that we could save their recommendation and use it to help ease the minds of future intending parents, who may be overwhelmed and are looking for help, to take comfort that we will be there for them throughout the entire journey!


To Whom it May Concern,

      The journey towards the dream of becoming parents can be very complicated. When we began our journey as intended parents we thought that we could do it all on our own. We did not initially go through an agency. We found ourselves in a very upsetting situation after 10 months of struggling to organize the people involved with the legal, medical, and financial parts of this process. Someone recommended that we check out A Host of Possibilities. After speaking with Nicole, we knew immediately that she was the answer to our problems. 

      Nicole’s demeanor is always upbeat and positive. In every interaction with her, we feel her warmth and her dedication towards us as intended parents. One of her greatest attributes is that she herself has served as a gestational carrier so she truly empathizes and understands the process. We have complete certainty that she is on our side. She works very hard to mediate between all of the different people involved in this process. We can count on her to immediately respond to our questions and concerns. She takes a great deal of care to match intended parents with gestational carriers. We appreciate how she is in constant contact with us, our gestational carrier, the legal team, and the medical clinic. There is comfort in knowing that she has her eye on all of the moving parts. It is easier to go to sleep at night knowing that we have an advocate like Nicole. 

      We cannot recommend her enough. She will certainly work her hardest to make sure that all of your needs are met and she will point you in the right direction. We wish you success on your journey!

Yours Truly,

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