Pregnancy during the holidays

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*This month’s blog submitted by Egg Donor Coordinator, Celia Espinoza.*


As the matriarchs of the home, some of us have a tendency to put a little more on our plates than perhaps we should.

During the holidays, the tasks and parties quadruple. Add being pregnant to the busy life and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming.

It’s important to remember, during the hectic holiday season, to not overexert yourself. I know what you’re thinking, “Easier said than done.” But really, think about how much energy it takes to cook the little bun in your oven. Remember, your well being, not to mention sanity, is important for you and for baby, as well as your family!


Here is a list of steps to consider, to help keep the the plate a little more balanced:


1.) Sleep

Regardless of your schedule, find time throughout the day to walk away from it

all and take a nap. If making time to squeeze in a nap during the weekdays and are more able to sleep in on the weekends, versus take naps during the week, do it! When the festivities happen, don’t feel bad if you step out early because you’re tired or lay down for a while during the party (my mom’s bed is so cozy, I take naps on extended visits)

2.) Don’t be too shy to delegate

I have to work on this. I don’t want to inconvenience others, so I just take it upon myself to get things done. Take advantage of any time where people are more eager to lend a hand and help. It also doesn’t hurt to ask. It is not uncommon for people to think it will offend a supermom, if they offer to help her out, so they just don’t offer. You will never know until you ask!

3.) Indulge in the holiday goodness

It’s plain and simple. The holidays are here, don’t deprive yourself of all the treats. Enjoy them!  (In moderation)

4.) Be comfortable

If you’re hosting a holiday get together, try having a pajama Christmas party. Everyone comes dressed in their favorite pajamas for the party. It’s fun and you can even make a contest out of who wore it best. Not only is it amusing, it’s comfortable too!

Make it memorable! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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On December 5, 2016

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