Your surrogate profile (and what it speaks about you)

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You only get one chance, to make a first impression. We’ve heard this statement time and time again, yet it still holds true. First impressions are everlasting. And in the world of surrogacy, first impressions can make or break a potential match. But with the right information, as well as allowing yourself ample time to put some thought into your responses, perfecting your surrogate profile is not only attainable, but can help yours rise to the top.

Filling out and signing forms is definitely a part of the surrogacy process. By the time it comes to responding to your questionnaire and completing your surrogate profile, you will have mindlessly printed your name on something, what will seem like, a hundred times. Keep in mind though, your profile should not be just another form to complete. Allow yourself the time and space to go within yourself, to thoughtfully and thoroughly answer these personal questions. After all, one of the most common things a set of intending parents want first and foremost, is a connection with their surrogate.

Be specific with your responses. Many of our questions are inquisitive, intentionally. We want you to be clear and accurate in your delivery. If you’re not sure about how long ago your last pap smear was, or what medication was used at baby’s birth, or your current weight, do the research to find out, so you can put down an accurate response. Not only does this help the agency, the intending parents, fertility clinic and you, but it shows that you take this commitment seriously and this process is important to you.

Get your bestie to proofread your profile. The person you trust to look it over for you, obviously knows you well enough to be real and give you constructive criticism. Elaborate on some of your responses if it is needed. Be as descriptive and informative about yourself as you can, without straying too far from what the question is asking. Omit diving into the personal details of your last break up if it isn’t relevant to the question. Also, take an extra 20 seconds to run your response sheet through your spelling and grammar check!

Remember, this is an interview on paper. It helps determine whether you meet the agency, fertility clinic and intending parent’s qualifications. Everything you include in your profile matters. You are being matched and becoming an important fixture in your intending parents’ lives and in turn, they may end up becoming an important part of yours as well. Having taken the proper time and investment to create your profile can help ensure that you attract the right intending parents that fit your life and lifestyle.


Best of luck!

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On January 25, 2017

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