Taking Medications During Pregnancy

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In this day and age, we can sometimes take for granted our access to over the counter (OTC) drugs and turn to them when we feel we are starting to get sick, or allergies flare up and the like. As with any medications, one should always consult their doctor and/or OBGYN before using any drug. Overall, one should try and avoid OTC medications while pregnant, but sometimes we just feel miserable and it may become necessary to take a pregnancy safe medication.

Whereas there are a number of medications that are safe to take during pregnancy, there are many, many others that are not and it is important to know exactly what your doctor recommends. When you first see your doctor to confirm pregnancy, they should give you a list of OTC medications that are safe to take during pregnancy. If not, be sure and request one and discuss with your healthcare provider which medications are safe to take while pregnant. If you use alternative medicines or supplements, (even if the label says ‘natural,) take time to discuss them with your doctor, so you can weigh the risks and benefits of each as well as any possible reactions they may have with current medications you take or may take during pregnancy.

Click the link below, to view a helpful table provided by WebMD, listing medications that have no known harmful effects during pregnancy when taken according to the packaged directions.

As with any medications, ALWAYS consult your physician prior to taking ANY medication.

Pregnancy Meds

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On August 23, 2017

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